Kabbalah Luminata

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Kabbalah Luminata

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by Iona Miller & James Eastman

Show me your mysteries, I'll show you mine,
As we embark outside this space and time.
Clasping hands we'll join the dance divine,
Flowing gently toward eternal rhyme.

Tell me your fantasies, I'll tell you mine,
Show me your ecstasies that flow as wine.
Together we'll reach the highest peak sublime,
Drinking deeply from the spring of time.


Try as we might...
    So many chambers in which to dwell.
To reach the heights...
    From the bottom of a wishing well.
With second sight...
    How we ascend only time will tell.
To the temple of living Light...
    Far beyond heaven and hell.

Bare your heart to me, I'll give you mine,
Though all alone we might be flying blind.
Through embrace, fire and ice entwine,
Surging and merging as the ocean tide.

QABALAHEART: Magick as Artfom

Wild Divine

Qabalah is an underground spiritual current, a distillation and synthesis of some of the main threads of western spiritual technology. It is a path of Knowledge, gnosis, a living Way of being in the world enlivened and informed by deeper dimensions. It is a path of love, discipline, practice, and service.

Kabbalah is the traditional term applied to the practice of Jewish mysticism with a visionary, intuitive nature; it is uncompromisingly monotheistic.  Qabala and Qabalah are spellings for the culturally diverse, polytheistic, hermetic path, while QBL reflects the magickal root. Each type of qabala has its own subculture with its own woldview, developed in its own era.

We need a contemporary qabala for today, a 21st Century qabala, suitable for our "ground", our electronic environment. There is no advantage in our remaining locked up in any cultural cycle, exchanging hoary grimoires and number matrices, as if in a trance or a dream. If you go obsessively looking for something in the matrix, you are sure to find it. But it may be an idiosyncratic delusion – a sterile attention trap.

We have no need to journey down obsolete reality wormholes into 14th - 20th century mindsets. But some of us have discovered the means of living simultaneously in all cultural modes while quite conscious. http://mindcontrolfordummies.50megs.com  All spiritual worldviews, including science, are narratives or interpretations of the nature of reality and our nature. We can make our practice and service contemporary by drawing on each era and drawing them forward into the future. http://myzeropoint.50megs.com

* The strength of Jewish kabbalah is its accent on worship, mindfulness, humility, human relations and redemptive action. It is illuminated by religious commentary, community, service and healing the world.

* The strength of hermetic qabalah is society, brotherhood, and its encyclopedic array of the phenomenology, myth, and symbolism of the collective unconscious. It is illuminated by group initiation, cyclic celebration, correspondences, mythic living, and transpersonal psychologies.

* The strength of QBL is divergent thinking and its transgressive attempts to break free of the lockdown mind control of conformist culture in renewed attempts to fly free in emergent creativity. It embodies the fluency, spontaneity and flexibility that prevents religious ossification. It is illuminated by self-expression, self-direction, self-initiation - the Holy Guardian Angel or inner genius.  

All recognize a transcendent reality whether it is called divine, transpersonal, or void/plenum.  Each looks into the Abyss and finds it smiling back. Each recognizes and embraces hierarchies of embedded fields within fields, holographic aspects of the Universal Field.  Qabalah represents an intuitive, NEGENTROPIC way of being that constantly, deliberately feeds and nourishes itself from the wellsprings of life and manifestation - the inexhaustible geyser of creative flux.

QBL is all about enliving that conscious connection with primordial SOURCE, via The Middle Pillar, or Middle Way.  It is wisdom, understanding, knowledge, mercy, strength, integration, emotion, cognition, instinct, and corporality.  The balanced integration of all potential faculties opens the portal of Real-I-zation.

Hermetic Qabalah is the basis of Western occultism, the Renaissance, The Enlightenment and many threads of Theosophical, New Age and Postmodern thought. It reflects Eastern notions, such as yin and yang, and subtle energy centers. Both traditional and metaphysical currents offer profoundly personal experiences of the divine nature of life, transforming the ordinary and creating a journey to the center of the self, where all things are made whole and holy, kindled by divine love and intentionality. 

Influx: Priming the Cosmic Pump

As a cultural phenomena, Qabala is a chaotically evolving artform. Its wild nature cannot be contained in any static institutional form. Magick suggests that as Nothing becomes Something in the subquantal oscillation of matter/energy there is room for human intervention, for intentionality at the quantum level.  These subtle changes can be pumped up to the macro scale through the self-organization and butterfly effect of Chaos Theory.

Surfing the wake of the creative edge of culture, underground movements often herald the shape of things to come - what will shortly be mainstreamed into global culture. Modern magick has uprooted QBL from both the religious and secret society formats, creating a personalistic framework for self-help, self-initiation, and self-transformation.

Nonlocal qabala isn't rooted in ancient cultural traditions; digital qabala is an infinite virtuality not confined by consensus reality. It is rooted in the ZERO-POINT fluctuation of subspace, quantum mechanics, chaos theory, synchronicity, parapsychology, and hyperdelic consciousness. Radical things and experiences are possible that weren't before. For example, Magick's "cloak of invisibility" is being literalized by DARPA using stealth metamaterials.

The new QBL relies on radical self-confrontation and self-commitment. Practice does generally retain a connection with the wisdom of Tarot and the elegantly symphonic symbolism of the correspondence system, and often classical number mysticism. There are many self-styled idiosyncratic cults based in this maverick eclectic strain of so-called qabalistic practice. Many embrace novelty-seeking rock and pop culture elements, others "tales from the darkside", yet others realize it's all a "put on" and that identity and personality are mutable facades through which we can reinvent ourselves.

THE THIRD WAVE: The Wake of Human Progress

Old cultures are dying as they are assimilated into global awareness; we exchange the wake for being awake. Like an indicator species, art and artists often reveal long in advance where humanity is heading. They express what cannot yet be articulated or lived in the common culture.  This is no more true than in the artistic expression of Qabala and the art of magick.

The interplay in colloidal mixture of all components of human technology extends our senses and shifts their ratios. Our very nervous systems have been extended and morphed by the electronic environment and the advent of 'voluntary ESP'. Postmodern "generic" forms of magick, in particular Thelema and/or Chaos Magick strip the religious veneer from the purely technological spiritual practices. Qabalistic practice has jumped the theological framework into idiosyncratic, neo-pagan, humanist, and atheistic formats.

This isn't black or white magick, but a highly saturated social kaleidoscope in living color, sometimes coming together through the common heartbeat of tribal sensibilities. As paths of self-development, they are esoteric psychologies with a worldview. They substitute an exploratory, experimental and pragmatic philosophy of self-reliance and self-realization for the religious bedrock of the traditional forms.

A pomo sensibility toward psychological and spiritual life reveals a permissive, de-centered perspective not just in phenomenology, quantum physics, chaos theory, aesthetics, deconstruction, and imagistic poetry but also in body, everyday consciousness, aesthetics, memory, dreams, alchemy, psychology, and mysticism.

The Bleeding Edge

The Postmodern attitude inclines toward interval--between I and not-I, body and world, forming and being formed. It is tribal diversity and ritual, transgressive aesthetics, body modification, X-treme everything, the hinterlands of experience, cyberpunk, the undiscovered territory. Shaken by context, facts are dissolved, meaning become elusive, contextual, and words cannot escape relativization.

Deprived of consolation of alignment with authority, consciousness is freed up to play in the Now, a carnivalesque event - the global spectacle, from Burning Man to Las Vegas, to the Mall and beyond. Understanding becomes unfixed, a matter of allusion or play, as interpretation caves in on itself.

My spoof concept is called NO WAY QABALA.  Its motto is "There's NOWHERE to go and we're all gonna get there."  Its mantra is "No Way, No Way, No Way.  It's mission is, "No Path; No Problem!"  It's worldview is "No Thing is Nowhere."

This is not your Mother's Qabala, nor Madonna's neatly pre-packaged variety either. It is QBL for an electrified and digitized nervous system - for Homo Mutans and Homo Lumen. The modern search for the Self in a conformist culture is encompassed in the Spheres from Malkuth (Earth) to Tiphareth (Heart).  The object is to pick a path with Heart and to develop one's inherent potential artfully and heartfully, whether you "believe" in God, or not.  This "church of self-amplification" recognizes the potential latent in us all, and it is divine.  The self to be amplified is the transpersonal not finite Self.

Magick is a commited lifestyle. The emphasis can be on mysticism and meditation, or ritual and magick. Some favor obsolete wormholes back to other centuries - grimoires and goblins - while others are busy creating the next-new-way-on. These essays, artwork, and visualizations here are not meant as a new dogma, practice, or school of thought.  They are simply the result of my own decades of qabalistic work.  I hope they provide a springboard for your own thought.  As food for thought, they are meant to stimulate and provoke your own speculations, insights, and experiments.

Occulture Club 

Qabala is not a static doctrine, but a living Way.  Qabala is an experiential path, an experiment which lasts throughout one's life.  Qabala is ultimately about access to and experience of discrete states of consciousness, ways of being and becoming.  To glean its wisdom, we must "sample the dish," not simply read the recipes.  It is a subject which cannot be exhausted. 

We must make QBL our own, even while honoring its tradition.  In this way, we have the best of both worlds.  Qabalistic traditions and models are validated by modern research everyday.  It has a vast capacity to incorporate the entire repertoire of human knowledge and understanding, coordinating through its primary glyph, the Tree of Life.

We can update our models and create revolutions in our own beliefs and thinking, much the same as happens in science.  Therefore, we will be drawing on resources from post quantum physics, Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology, and traditional and modern philosophical speculation, such as Buckminster Fuller's SYNERGETICS.  I hope you find valuable concepts here for bootstrapping into your own worldview and facilitating your journey toward Union.

Tweeking Consciousness

The dazzling phenomenology and sparkle of consciousness has perhaps led us to think that its function must be equally dazzling and discrete - the fruit of human evolution.  But it may be foundational - the very mindstuff or maya of Eastern philosophy, that is the primordial basis of both manifesting matter and energy. This common candidate has something to do with increased intelligence and choice, perhaps even 'free will'.

Increased intelligence is a cognitive and emotional function: I.Q. and E.Q., including rapport and empathy with life and cosmos. Reality might be tweekable by consciousness, but there is no obvious requirement for this. We can change ourselves by applying our will at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  In doing so, we alter the very fabric of those domains of human experience, adding our voices, our contributions to the evolutionary thrust.

Art expresses feelings and understanding. It is the fulfillment of sensation in an audible or visual form. It is an expression of an archetypal process in relationship with life. Art is philosophy expressed in symbols and imagery. For the sensation function, art serves the same purpose that science does for thinking. Other analogies for art include philosophy and psychology for the intuitive function, and the emotions of human society for feelings.

The characteristic procedures of the Parataxic Mode include archetype, dreams, myth, ritual, and art. Art forms include dance, drama, music, painting, ceremonial magick, alchemy, perfumery, sculpture, poetics, etc.


Art is a kind of innate drive that seizes a human being and makes him its instrument. The artist is not a person endowed with free will who seeks his own ends, but one who allows art to realize its purposes through him. As a human being he may have moods and a will an personal aims, but as an artist he is "man" in a higher sense -- he is 'collective man' -- one who carries and shapes the unconscious, psychic life of mankind.

--C. G. Jung

Art embodies a rhythmic flux of the psyche through a process, performance or a "product." The artist combines his technical skill or craftsmanship with the constraints of his artform. Thus, the creation is not merely the production of his free will, but also reflects the discipline imposed by training and materials. As such, art is the result of a unique combination of consciousness, or cognitive abilities, and subconscious drives or inspiration.

In the Parataxic Mode, there is progressive replacement of Prototaxic dread with creativity in the service of archetypal patterns. If the artist has talent, his works also take on collective, as well as personal value, and reflect the transformative process in society. It frequently happens that artists are "ahead of their time", in that their work receives no wide recognition in their own lifetimes. Yet, great art has an ageless quality.

Jung distinguished between two types of artistic creation. He termed one of these psychological and the other visionary. The psychological mode draws its inspiration from the phenomena and lessons of life, or human experience (such as life drawing). The visionary mode, on the other hand, contains something of the Divine, and its subject matter is definitely out-of-the-ordinary. Terrific modern examples include the work of Mati Klarwein, H. R. Giger, Alex Grey, Gilbert Williams, and Robert Venosa.

One distinction between the two lies in the degree of psychological activity or passivity of the participant. In the first mode, the artist "thinks up" and develops the forms pretty much on his own, even it is emergent. But in the visionary mode his own will seems to defer to an apparently foreign inspiration, and it can feel like it simply comes through of its own will. There may be an element of passivity in both modes, but in a visionary experience it is more pronounced. Visionary art is also generally considered more profound.

"Art" is most properly considered as a process, not a product, though it results in artifacts often valued by society. The transformative process can be as strong during the creation of an unskilled or underappreciated piece as for a master-work. It is all relative. Even the performing arts, which were previously exempt, may now be preserved through recordings and film. John Gowan has classified the arts in a scale of increasing order from performing arts, to visual arts, to compositions in mathematics and music (which are Syntaxic in nature), and finally verbal creativity.




As a digital artist I paint with LIGHT...

as a Qabalist I practice in the Temple of Living Light.

In biophysics, its biophotons that are our medium.

Recently discontent with static and Flash imagery alone, I have begun venturing into the world of filmmaking. The artworks appearing here are still frames ready for printing or animation.

As a digital artist, my works are on display everyday, at a location very near you! Online. Each suite of images tells its own story, draws from its own rich motherload of personal or collective experience and symbolism. For 35 years I have been painting and otherwise rendering Kabbalistic images and tales in prose and poetry. The Kabbalah is a bottomless well of mythopoetic and psychoactive inspiration. I have attempted to externalize my inner visions so I can share my unique point of view on the inner world and creative life of the artist.

This is not a 'red string' qabalah site. I have always practiced in splendid solitude relying on the inner guidance of my Self and my visionary experience. Much of my work continues toward actualizing my dream project, an interactive pathworking game, VIRTUAL QABALAH.

Culture is everything that's going on, not just something that some people think should be going on. The object is not to spin or project analogies but to use them to elicit dialogue, to stimulate social organs and areas remote from our own. The analogies may be smoke, but they are smoke signals also. Network is pure experiment. The media ecology of the soul is to recycle one's images.

"...to behave is to choose one pattern among many." - Jose Delgado