The Diamond Body

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IT WAS A MINERAL SUBSTANCE, dense and opaque, it was melted and became transparent glass and then became much finer glass. And then this latter had been subjected for the first time to fusion and projection of the white Elixir, it became incandscent crystal. It was fused a second time and the Elixir was projected on it, it became diamond. Place it on an anvil, strike it with a hammer, it will dent the anvil and the hammer but it will not break. Strike it with a piece of lead and it will break into cubiform fragments.

This is the true sign that it really is diamond, but if it has become diamond it is also a sign that the diamond was hidden in the essential depths of the mineral substance, because, in fact, the composition of the latter is the result of two well-known principles, mercury and sulphur, according to what is established in physics.

And this diamond, separated from the crystal, this crystal separated from the glass, this glass separated from its mineral opacity, is homologous to the 'Resurrection Body' of the faithful believer in the Paradise of the future Aeon (that is to say jism B, the essential archetypal body, the corpus supra coeleste, the 'diamond body'). ~ Shaikh Ahmad Ahsa'i (Article IX, Spiritual Body & Celestial Earth, Henry Corbin).

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