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TESLA ART COMMENTARY - Imaginal Objects for Celestial Navigation

Tesla inspired non-ojective art

CASIMIR EFFECT is a "Force From Nothing" in Quantum Field Theory (QFT) & Quantum Electrodynamics (QED):

In physics, the Casimir Effect describes the potential for time travel by creating a quantized field. The physical force is generated between two barely-separated uncharged metallic plates in a vacuum. There is no measurable electromagnetic field between the plates, but in QED the plates affect the VIRTUAL PHOTONS of the vacuum potential or ZERO POINT ENERGY. The vacuum is not empty.

Virtual particles at GROUND ZERO interact with objects through perturbation, altering the vacuum expectation value with Casimir force. Theoretically, this vacuum energy opens a locally mass-negative region of space-time, wormholes that might potentiate time travel. It remains to be seen whether such harmonic oscillators create transversible wormholes.

Negative energy has some bizarre properties, but physicists claim a big enough electromagnet could create a black hole that would be a portal to another universe -- but it's a one-way trip because the portal is unstable. Casimir energy keeps the portal open. Practically, it can be used to reduce friction on nanomachines to zero facilitating quantum levitation.

The Navel of the World

Symbolically, we might consider this 'altar' of the soul, if not a physical transporter, a portal for imaginal journeys for the astral body and thought-experiments for the mental body. We might even consider the homonym 'alter' as a variation describing the nature of parallel worlds.

The altar is a primordial symbol of transformation, a feminine symbol, the womb of nature (Vesica Pisces), or crucible which can mean sacrifice, consecration or transubstantiation. It is the place where consciousness meets the sacred dimension of the unconscious, where the Holy Grail of the heart opens to higher power, the source of plenty.


The plenum of the vacuum potential mirrors this felt-sense in a metaphysical reality, where earth mirrors heaven. The Void is not empty but sings us a siren-song from the Abyss. All points of light emerge spontaneously from the photonic radiation of virtual photon flux. When science seeks Ground Zero, our quest becomes a penetration of the depths of Nature and our own nature, a marriage of opposites.

The altar is not only a Wayback Machine but a Wayforward spiritual technology -- a cosmic Mandala. Reality blurs at the altar, totalizing and unifying. We worship there demonstrating our faith in the Beyond, and it changes us utterly, instantaneously, manifesting our full potential, NowHere.

In the soul's symbolic language, it is the place of harmonic proportions or formative power, where we make an offering of our old selves for rebirth. Our bodies are the ultimate magickal altars, all the way down to our vacuum potential, the cosmological constant that unites us all.

The Energy Body or photonic body of virtual photon flux is unbound by the psychophysical parameters of ordinary consciousness. In this sense, we can project our consciousness instantaneously to the ends of the Multiverse.

[For more on this concept, see http://photonichuman.50megs.com]

Bon voyage!


DARPA is soliciting innovative research proposals in the area of Casimir Effect Enhancement (Solicitation number DARPA-BAA-08-59. The goal of this program is to develop new methods to detect, control and dynamically manipulate (i.e. switch on and off) attractive and repulsive forces at surfaces based on engineering of the Casimir Force. One could leverage this ability to control phenomena such as adhesion in nanodevices, drag on vehicles and many other interactions of interest to the DoD.

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