Art of Qabala

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SYNERGETIC QABALA: The Art of QBL -- Qabala As Artform

Qabala is the art of becoming more fully human. This is the portal to SYNERGETIC QABALA, which is home to contemporary qabalistic commentary and theory in such books as THE DIAMOND BODY, PANTHEON, THE AURIC KEY, SYNDEX, ANATOMY OF THE STAR GODDESS, VIRTUAL TANTRA, and THE HOLISTIC QABALA. They range from mysticism to new science.

The orientation of the Synergetic Qabala sites is to provide newbies and serious qabalists with modern conjecture in Theoretical Qabala with the aim of contemporizing our models and practices. The emphasis here is on mysticism and meditation, rather than ritual and magick.

These essays, artwork, and visualizations are not meant as a new dogma, practice, or school of thought. They are simply the result of my own thirty-plus years of qabalistic work. I hope they provide a springboard for your own thought. They are meant to stimulate and provoke your own speculations, insights, and experiments.

Qabala is not a static doctrine, but a living Way. Qabala is an experiential path, an experiment which lasts throughout one's life. Qabala is ultimately about access to and experience of discrete states of consciousness, ways of being and becoming. To glean its wisdom, we must "sample the dish," not simply read the recipes. It is a subject which cannot be exhausted. We must make it our own, even while honoring its tradition. In this way, we have the best of both worlds.

Qabalistic traditions and models are validated by modern research everyday. It has a vast capacity to incorporate the entire repertoire of human knowledge and understanding, coordinating through its primary glyph, the Tree of Life.

We can update our models and create revolutions in our own beliefs and thinking, much the same as happens in science. Therefore, we will be drawing on resources from post quantum physics, Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology, and traditional and modern philosophical speculation, such as Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics. I hope you find valuable concepts here for bootstrapping into your own worldview and facilitating your journey toward Union; your own "TREEincarnation".




Imagine my surprise when R. Buckminster Fuller's co-author E.J. Applewhite called me out of the blue to say my SYNDEX materials were being added to the Fuller Library. While Fuller never had any comments on QBL, I discovered a common matrix between his work and the matrix of the Tree of Life. It has been a fruitful path of contemplation on the formative nature of subspace for me. Perhaps you will find something in it, too. Tensegrity is a key to understanding the architecture of matter, cosmos and life.


What's New with My Subject?

THE DIAMOND BODY as Philosopher's Stone

THE DIAMOND BODY is a contemporary meditation technique from secret practices with over 4,000 years of mystical tradition. The oldest-known practice of this technique of meditation was known as Merkabah Mysticism, allegedly developed by the Jewish Patriarch, Abraham. It is a regeneration meditation for immortality.

THE DIAMOND BODY is examined from perspectives in Jungian psychology, from definitions in physics and Jewish mysticism. This is then synthesized into the framework of Magick. There is an inherent spiritual aspect of matter, found in the nature of order and synchronous events. This spiritual aspect is explored through the philosophical concepts known as the Philosopher's Stone.

A geometrical image is developed from solid state physics, corresponding to both the Jewish mystical traditions and current concepts in Imaginal psychology. A mathematical model is generated to assist the development of anima consciousness via a visualization exercise of the diamond body.

A resonance occurs between specific internal-state functions and the "outside." These resonance relationships are discussed and specific models are given to aid visualization and resonance.
The use of these geometrical forms as Magickal tools offers intriguing possibilities. They allow experimental interaction with archetypes of God-forms. They also grant access to those specific altered states where one experiences the eternal aspect of sacred time: A consciousness of immortality. THE DIAMOND BODY as an exercise is a meditation form of the future.

This practice of meditation develops a common ground, uniting psyche with matter. Through the stabilization and equilibrium fostered in the aspirant during mediation sessions, the individual is brought into increased harmony with the environment. More important, a "repair function" is now available, one able to reverse those entropic functions related to libido.

THE DIAMOND BODY is a breakthrough in meditation techniques, something for the 21-Century. Steeped in mystery, the Merkabah Chariot of Sepher-Yetzirah, the BOOK OF FORMATION is also Ezekiel's vision: the Cube of Space. For the first time, a contemporary description of THE DIAMOND BODY is formulated using synergetics, cognitive sciences, phsycis, and metaphysics. Physical and psychological anologs are offered to reveal the timeless experience available through visualizing the true Philosopher's Stone.


The premise of Synergetic Qabala is based on the fact that manifesting form is essentially energetic. Form is not other than force, and force is often indistinguishable from form. Forces interacting in dynamic stabilization are essentially, therefore, synergetic. The right and left Pillars of the Tree of Life are in a state of dynamic tension, as well as other polarities which it embodies. While Synergetic Qabala is essentially a geometrical philosophy, it is not a sterile number mysticism, but a theosophical approach to the unfathomable mysteries of Qabala and its essentially mystical orientation.

The Tree of Life is a model of the universe that describes energy's behavior and also has the ability to shape our thinking. Synergetics describes the actual underlying geometry of subatomic structure. Here we employ nature's own coordinate system, the geometry nature uses for self-organization --the tetrahedron. There is a relationship between geometry and number which is intrinsic to the spheres and geometry of the Tree of Life. It defines the philosophical universe of Qabala. Explorations in this geometry are covered elsewhere in "The Synergetic Qabala."

The ancient system of the Qabala may best be described as a mystical theosophy, an effective guide for understanding ourselves and our relationship to the universe. It provides a cohesive worldview which is consistent with the findings of modern physics, psychology, and philosophical thought. It provides not only a philosophy, but a Way of life. It is a mystical discipline which requires an active spiritual practice for realization.

As in the case of physics, there are two main branches of Qabala. The first is speculative or Theoretical Qabala and the second is Practical Qabala which concerns the application of its principles through theurgic magic and/or mystical meditation. It is a complex system of symbols and principles for developing the inner potential of human nature, leading to the stage of conscious service to the divine powers at the source of all creation. Though often spelled many ways, we employ the simplest transliteration of QBL, as Qabala (ka-ba-la).

Though associated with the Hebrew, and later Hermetic philosophers, the roots of Qabala possibly originated in Egypt. The Western occult tradition attributes it to Hermes Trismegistus, or Thoth (Egyptian inventor of writing, astronomy, and mathematics). These teachings belong to ancient Egyptian mystery traditions that predate Plato and the Bible, with treatises on ancient cosmology and sacred psychology.

The Hermetic tradition enjoyed a revival when Marsilio Ficinio translated a bundle of ancient Egyptian manuscripts with the collective name of the Hermetica (1463). The Hermetica has been called the fountainhead of Western spirituality, the motherlode of all later esoteric and metaphysical systems. Here we find the suggestion that mankind is a hybrid of human and divine elements. Human nature is potential divinity, or "Godseed." Hermetics opened the way to independent spiritual seeking--spontaneous God contact--in the West. It suggests the possibility of transhumanization, and the divine mission of co-creation.